& 200 GUESTS

We are 7 this year.

Two years ago, we held a birthday party
to celebrate five years of business with you guys.

That party has now become an almighty legend.
Thousands of dollars worth of prizes were won by over 200 people,
at what was quite possibly one of the very best quiz nights

SO NOW, IN 2011:

Pulp Fiction would like to once again say thank you to all of our customers by hosting our second quiz night, to be held at:
The German Club, 223 Flinders St Adelaide
(Matthew Flinders Hall)
from 7pm on Saturday night the 29th of January!

Some further details:

1. Pre-booking tickets through Pulp Fiction Comics is essential.
We have a limited number of seats available.
If you do not have a ticket/invite, you won't be able to attend!

2. The cost per person is $10, and full tables are $80.
Payment is due before the evening;
tickets are available through Pulp Fiction.
(Heading into the store is easiest;
call us to arrange alternative payment options on 08 8231 3433).

3. If you would like just the 1 seat,
we will combine you with others to form a formidable table.

The same applies for a group of 2, 3, 4 etc,
unless you book a whole table.

If you book a whole table you can have as few people as you want.

(Tables can comfortably fit 8, though you can squeeze 10 to a table if you like,
so a small discount applies if you want 10 seats at the one table).

4. No drinks can be brought into the German Club.
There will be a fully-stocked bar open in the hall (as well as downstairs) for all of your refreshing needs, so please adhere to this rule, because:

5 . Snacks CAN be brought into the hall for the quiz night!
We have negotiated with the lovely German Club for all of you to bring in any comfort snacks that you might like.
The Club does however have a superb bistro (which opens at 5pm)
for all of your cooked & dessertive needs.
So by all means, head over early for a meal or grab all manner of delicious foods downstairs throughout the evening!

6. The quiz night will run from 7pm to about 11pm (ish).
The quiz will begin at 7:30pm sharp,
so we ask for everyone to be seated by then (hence the 7pm).
We will open the hall at 6pm for early birds.
We'll try to finish around 11pm, though there will certainly be breaks between some rounds.

7 . There will be 10 main rounds in the quiz, with extras.
The rounds are roughly as follows:
3 will be General Knowledge rounds.
There will also be
Movies & TV (classic & contemporary)
Comics (classic & contemporary)
Manga & Anime
and 1 Top Secret Topic.

8 . We encourage you to wear fancy dress on the evening!
If you like to dress up, please do.
Certainly, there will be door prizes for amazing costumes.
Most assuredly, there will be a PRIZE FOR THE BEST DRESSED.
The theme for the evening is:
"whatever makes you feel most comfortable"
-so dressing gowns have to look super.

We look forward to seeing you all
on Saturday night, January 29th!